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Cliffs and Ocean



Albert LeFebvre

Founder & CEO

Hello my name is Al!  As a parent we enjoyed traveling and visiting new places as a family.  Providing memories and experiences for our kids.  I also realized as a working professional the importance of relaxation and getting away during breaks and vacation time. Why cruises?  Click on the button below and we can chat and see how we can create your next bucket list vacation. 

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Canti LeFebvre

Founder & CEO

Hi my name is Canti! 

I started my travel agency with my husband Al and my daughter Ariel. We are a family business inspired by our own family travels and the importance of creating meaningful experiences with our loved ones. I am a proud mother of three, I have an wonderful daughter and two amazing sons. I understand the need to build lasting memories with family. With well over a decade of travel experience, we have traveled all over the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico, and we strive to help busy professionals make the most of their time with their families.


Ariel LeFebvre

Marketing Manager Travel Advisor

I am a luxury travel agent that specializes in cruises. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places! I am here to make that dream come true for you. I want to help you plan your next stress free cruise today. When I am not helping others plan their vacations I am taking trips of my own.

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